News: Harvestworks New Works Residency Grant

Some super exciting news!!!!!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been awarded a Harvestworks New Works Residency for Luciferins!! Woo-woo!

I’ll be working with Harvestworks on the sound aspects of Luciferins. I’ll also be setting up the piece for an initial viewing and documentation in their space. I hope to include it within one of their shows at Governor’s Island, here in NYC, at some later point.

I envision the sound to have multiple components: short-wave radio signals, bleeps, beeps, snippets of field recordings, surround sound…. I’ll definitely need help mixing and mastering. As well as spatialization with sound.

Since there are so many aspects to Luciferins: graphics programming, blob tracking, projection mapping, sound, fibers, machine knitting, packet sniffing and projection mapping. So many different aspects. I realize that as I work with Harvestworks, it helps to lay out each of these different aspects and to communicate deadlines and responsibilities. Much of this has been in my head. Yet, that doesn’t help when trying to collaborate and work with others.

As a result, I created this Trello board. I’ve put a deadline on having the graphics and tracking running smoothly (as well as fully integrated together); as well as machine knitting circular wool structures that have variances in their individual shape all by June 1st 2019. It’s exciting to put a date on that as I need to reach that hurtle quite soon in order to be in a position for focus on the sound design with Harvestworks. I totally foresee hitting that deadline in advance. Yet, I know how complications (and life) can crop up so I left the deadline as June 1st.

Here goes! I am so excited to have outside support for Luciferins!