Material Explorations

Moss Series – French Knot Embroidery

I love moss.

I’ve tried to grow it a few times, but wasn’t able to give it the care it needs to get going. I see these soft beds of moss while I hike, and think how lovely they would be to recline in. So soft.

I saw a few pieces of moss embroidery. I came across Emma Mattson’s work and loved it. How lovely would it be to wear some soft moss…..I’ve been thinking more about wearing the moss and having fibers closer to me on a regular basis, especially as I am surrounded in so much technology day to day. This would be “care-free” moss. (!!)

I felted some green together as the background canvas. Then started to add french knots of varying color for textures and growth.

(side note: Fibers are fantastic to work on, while commuting in the city. Anyone who lives in New York, knows that you’ll spend lots of time on the subway, invariably. Fibers have saved me from going out of my mind during my commutes. It calms me and is productive studio time. win-win!)

I had been playing around with positioning and color gradations. I never was a painter, but there is something similar here. It’s like doodling with thread. Here’s my current crop:

These two are candidates for the metal work that I am doing (documented in another post). I started experimenting with other fibers to add textures.

I’m currently developing a jewelry line which will be made with sterling silver and different moss formations (embroidery and felting). More soon.