Luciferins: Programming Graphics

I had been thinking more about the colors and graphics that would illuminate the fiber structures. I’m inspired by the gradients of color found in nature, and more so, how light falls across a structure. I explored line and shape as a way to give a sort of texture or visual depth.

I like the motion and the softness to the form. I’m imagining something along these lines for the portals.

I kept playing with the code a bit and shrunk the shape, then created multiple instances with them. I fired a bunch to cross the screen. I love the drifts, like a scales of a Chinese dragon.

Then I started playing with tracking the mouse and it’s duration and appearance. The longer someone is there, the more the fibers become agitated. Eventually they calm down, if they are no longer being disturbed.

Another iteration that is more concentrated

I’m eager to see what these look like on the fibers while reacting to viewers.