Luciferins Material Explorations

Knitting, knitting, knitting

Circular knitting is happening. I find it quite calming, almost meditative. It’s perfect for watching movies, listening to podcasts, and radio. I sincerely appreciate a bit slower of a process that allows me to engage in other things at the same time.

I’ve been knitting various lengths of tubs and various widths to have a bit of a range. I’ve taken them on the subway, and knit on my way to work or on my way to see my Grandmother. Some of the looks I get are quite curious. Usually after about 15 minutes of looking and trying to figure out what I’m making, someone will ask. Honestly, it depends on how I feel as to what I tell them. It takes a few sentences for someone to get a mental grasp on a large interactive fiber installation with projection mapping and computer vision with responsive graphics and network transactions. Right? What they really are accustom to hearing, “a blanket for my friend’s baby”, “a sweater for my Dad”. So, when I explain what I’m doing, it’s waaay more than they bargained for. As well as it being outside of their experience and visual language. Sometimes I’ll dive in and do a service to my community of artists. Sometimes, I tell them I’m knitting scarves for giraffes. I get a good giggle out of them and they are happy with that.

I love the sturdiness of the structures. They can definitely are not as delicate as the nuno felted strips.

I am digging the gurth of each. I’m not so hip to the surface texture. I’d like something less busy. If I was working with very thin bits of wool yarn, I could then felt it into a unified surface. Yet, the structure would be fairly thin and delicate again. Hmmmm…..

More explorations of surface design with wool are needed…