Luciferins Material Explorations

Felting Strips

Felting is a nice change from programming. Its a different feeling of creation – more physical and sensual. It’s a chance to literally feel things come together. It’s similar to programming in that it involves quite a bit of tweaking throughout the creation process to get things right.

For this piece, I’m nuno felting, which involves a combination of wool and another cloth or material. I’m using merino wool and silk hankies. I delicately build up the layers, beginning with a thin layer of wool, then a thin layer of silk, then another thin layer of wool, silk, etc. I’m careful to keep the layers thin, yet even. This allows for even shrinkage.

I’ve felted large wool structures and vessels. Yet, this is my first time to felt something that is quite long. As a result, I’m rolling it up as I go. This helps me to keep better control of the surface as I build it up or treat it.

This is my first strip. I’m making notes of wool amounts, sizing, agitation, water temperature and soap so I can adjust it in the future if need be. My goal at this point, is to get some different test strips together to get feedback on the process and to give me some samples to start thinking about the installation setup and projection mapping.