openFrameworks and openGL

OpenFrameworks is another creative coding platform. It’s an open source C++ toolkit, “developed by Zach Lieberman, Theodore Watson, and Arturo Castro (“the core”), with help from the OF community.” As a result, it supports many C++ libraries. OF works great with openGL, a high level graphics language that operates on your GPU vs CPU. What this means, is that by […]

Looking deeper into graphics

I was leafing through a text of mine, Generative Design. It’s a beautiful text of artists and designers that use Processing within their practice. I highly recommend the book. It is extremely well designed as a book that discusses programming, gradually building up to more complicated code, and folks in the field that utilize these […]


I create interactive and responsive multichannel light and sound installations. I build everything myself: the electronic circuits to control each individual light and speaker; the code to respond to input and to control the output sound waves and light. I use a variety of technologies to achieve my artistic goals. As a result, my studio […]