LadyK Studios

Buzzhome (2006)


I used the familiar route as a starting point for exploration regarding space. Using a telephone pick-up, which acts as a microphone, I recorded the electro-magnetic fields. Acting as a radio antenna for low frequencies, I recorded the ride on the EL from studio to my home. I then manipulated that recording’s frequency, making further recordings in Max/MSP by scrubbing that sound file. Then, after making two smaller recordings, I used those in conjunction with two versions of the original recording to compose this piece.

I am specifically interested in those items and sounds that are overlooked on a daily bases, that are part of our space. I find it interesting that these sounds lie beneath our perception, but form a residue of essential daily processes, namely, the daily commute. Using these sounds, I hope to create a space and time (place) that is of its own.