LadyK Studios

Memory Capsules

Memory Capsules: Big P (2015, 2019)
Felt, silk, breath sensor, LED’s, micro-controller, WiFi, LCD, custom software
5 x 5 x 4 inches

Memory Capsules is a series where organic structures enshroud personal memories, protecting them from vanishing. Big P is a small felted structure that houses a small LCD screen, WiFi-enabled micro-controller, breathe sensor and LED’s along with custom software. When a puff of air breathes on the structure, a memory is stirred and appears on the screen. As our own breath sustains us, our memories sustain us and impact our identity. Memory Capsules seeks to nurture those memories by preserving them. Technology’s role in our culture is called into question, as different algorithms curate and weave different narratives, while erasing others. These narratives may be erroneous. Is technology a “true” mirror? How much does it shape us with what we remember?